Art as Research

Art as Research

"Art as Research", by Stephen Wilson, a professor of conceptual design at San Francisco State University. As a researcher and artist, Wilson is advocating artists to participate in the scientific field with research. He mentions that it is a rather subjective matter determining which research receives the support, limiting new advances in technology. These potential ideas perceive to be unmarketable and are left neglected. Wilson trusts artists can fill the research role for those ideas discarded by the commercial and scientific worlds using their unique perspective and social commentary.

In preparation for artists to enter the research world, Wilson suggests that artists become familiar with current research, art materials, obtain knowledge on technical and scientific topics through online resources, and develop connections with research organizations. Artists and researchers have the opportunity to enhance each other's experience and thought process.  He also states that artists can assist with new questions pertaining to research, inquire eccentric angles on outcomes, and communicate the findings in unique manners. 

Wilson encourages artists to branch out from digital and traditional media when considering new work. A way to advance amongst fellow artists is to discover the new research trends. Several areas of research include new biology, extra-sensory phenomena, animal consciousness, brain physiology, artificial intelligence, and more. In no way will the artist become the researcher; there is still much needed experimentation and time for integration. Society still needs artists' interesting statements and subjective eye to advance knowledge and wonder.

(Due: 10pm, Monday, Sep.2)

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