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3D Musical Grid, aka "Sound Architecture" or "Architectural Sound"

Because I was not satisfied or content with the idea I presented last week, I spent the weekend talking amongst my musical friends hoping to spawn an improved approach. After much discussion and inspiration, I have decided to choose a concept Laura and Cameron helped suggest - a 3D version of the musical grid:

Essentially, there will be multiple 3D cubes on a flat, plain surface. The user will be able to not only interact with the cubes, but help create their own unique composition. Each cube will be assigned its own position. There are various ways this piece could be implemented or formed, but here are two that I am curious to explore:

1) The user will have the freedom to orient the cubes anywhere on the flat surface, and can even stack one on top of each other. With the use of a camera (kinect), it will gather the cubes' positions, and using software such as MAX, it will output notes. I would like to add a visual component to the cubes, such as LEDs for self illumination.

2) The cubes will be oriented more in a grid like fashion, similar to the musical grid. The user will be able to play specific melodies after discovering how the piece works. Time is the x direction, the Octave in the y direction, and Pitch in the z direction. This option is more structured and logical in a musical sense, but still allows the user to experiement. 

kinect - camera for depth video/information
cubes - experiment with different physical materials
software - MAX or Unity